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About us

SCOUTER is a professional American CCTV brand, which focuses on the research and development, manufacture, engineering and servicing of intelligent security surveillance systems. Headquartered in the United States, SCOUTER has a factory in China and branches in Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. SCOUTER intelligent security surveillance products have been recognized worldwide and have passed FCC, CE and other international certifications. In addition,

SCOUTER products play an important role in security protection in many countries and regions of the world. Our customers encompass large and medium sized enterprises, governments, schools, law enforcement agencies, real estate developments, hotels, factories, warehouses, entertainment complexes, various kinds of retail stores, and also home use. SCOUTER products are developed in the United States, and then assembled and produced in China. Since entering into the Philippines in 2012, SCOUTER has become popular in the Philippines market with its professional technical service and excellent product quality. Now it is quickly becoming one of the best-selling CCTV brands in the Philippines.

SCOUTER STORES are SCOUTER’s chain of technical service stores, which provide customers with high-quality CCTV products and services designed to protect the safety of customers. Customers can buy our products and installation technical services via SCOUTER STORES; the SCOUTER PRO-TECH TEAM will provide professional and secure services.